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twitter doodle-comic inspired by the new Zelda trailer

*cries and flings money*

DANG! That last page killed me! 


in the name of the moon i will move into your house and rearrange your furniture


in the name of the moon i will move into your house and rearrange your furniture


#AmericanHorrorStory #AHSAsylum  Spilt Milk  2x11 #ahsfx #AHS


#AmericanHorrorStory #AHSAsylum  Spilt Milk  2x11 #ahsfx #AHS


danny devito

Bangin’ new glasses

Bangin’ new glasses

Skyrim Scenery: Shadowgreen Cavern

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Anonymous asked:
whats your skin care routin cause you have nice skin

You asked the right person, that’s for sure. I’m not an expert of course, but I did go to cosmetology school and I’ve done a lot of research on it over the years. I won’t get too deep into it, but I’ll share what I know!

First of all, the main cause of acne is blocked pores. When your pores get blocked they become a warm, moist breeding ground for bacteria. White blood cells fight the bacteria off, and that’s what causes inflammation and pus, creating acne. Here’s a list of good habits to work into your life:

- Drink at least 2 liters of water a day Keeps your skin soft and strong, along with the rest of your body. Be SURE you stay hydrated!

- Eat at least a cup of spinach a day Any other dark green veggies, like kale and chard, spinach just happens to be my favorite. The vitiman c keeps the regeneration of your skin cells normal, so your face is radiant and it keeps it from getting dry and flaky.

- 3 to 6 omega 3 fish oil capsules a day The purified omega 3 fatty acids keep inflammation down in your skin and keep it smooth and even. I take Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, I’ve found they’re some of the best quality on the market and my personal favorites. I definitely recommend these and not the kind you drink, because it tastes horrifying. Taking this also keeps your hair soft and shiny.

- Stay away from greasy food Honestly, I’m not sure how consuming this stuff effects your skin from the inside, but it can affect it from the outside. Grease from food tends to stick around the outside your mouth after you’ve finished eating, seeping into your pores and blocking them.

- Stick to organic foods Especially meats. Steroids, hormones, and thickeners pumped into meats and dairy products (along with preservatives in most other processed foods) can easily mess with the hormones and chemical balance in your body, causing your skin to react the way it did when you went through puberty.

- Don’t touch your face I’m very guilty of this one. I work at a desk, so I find myself leaning on my hands while I’m working all the time, but I’m trying my best to get out of that habit. When you touch your face with your hands, all the bacteria and sebum that’s collected on them gets into your pores, effectively blocking them.

- Don’t hold your phone against your face while talking Your phone is constantly getting touched, so grease, dirt and bacteria build up really quickly. When you talk on the phone, you’re smearing all that gunk directly onto your skin, causing your pores to get blocked.

- Sleep with a fresh pillow case every night Your skin and hair leave sebum and bacteria behind on your bedding, along with any dirt accumulated throughout the day, while you sleep. These things are naturally occurring, so even if you wash your face before bed, it will still build up on your pillow case. Meaning if you go to bed without washing your pillow case, even if you’ve cleaned your face, you’re immediately laying down on all the dirt, bacteria and grease from the night before.

- Sleep with your hair out of your face Sleeping with your hair on your face allows sebum, and again any accumulated dirt, from your hair to seep into the pores on your face, causing excess sebum and blocking your pores.

- Get a proper amount of sleep Your body regenerates itself while you sleep, and this includes your skin. Without enough sleep, your skin can’t fully recover from the day.

- Always wear sunscreen Even in the winter and on cloudy days, the solar rays still get through. Sun damage ages your face more quickly, but more importantly sunscreen reduces risk of skin cancer. My mom just had surgery for skin cancer on her face for this exact reason, trust me it’s no fun and you don’t want it.

- Wash your face every morning and every night If you don’t, dirt, sebum and bacteria build up on your face. You don’t need to wash it more than twice a day, if you do it causes your skin to dry out, which causes over production of sebum, clogging your pores.

- Relax stressing about your skin 24/7 helps nothing, but staying calm does. Stress causes over production of sebum which, surprise, clogs your pores. So breath, remember that your skin is not what matters in the end. You are more than your skin, and everyone who loves you see straight through it.

This list will probably help on it’s own, but when you combine it with a good skin routine, it will work wonders.

Everyone has different types of skin and different types of acne, which means all different types of products and things work for different people. Different different different. I’ll list my current list of products and routine, but I recommend you find out what type of skin you have, and find the perfect products for you. Just a few things to remember are:

- For a basic routine you’ll want cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturizer

- It’s worth spending money on the high quality skin products, your skin is important and more sensitive than you think, the cheap products won’t do nearly as well the better quality ones.

- Stick to organic/hypoallergenic products, especially if you have sensitive skin like myself, the chemicals can wreak havoc and cause breakouts. This can also be the cause of breakouts on your back, arms and chest. Be sure to try organic/hypoallergenic body wash and shampoo/conditioner, as well as getting rid of your loofah if you have one, as these are breeding grounds for bacteria

Current products I use:

-Clarisonic Mia with sensitive brush head (very effective pore cleansing tool)

-Philosophy Purity cleanser (super gentle, super powerful)

-Philosophy Total Matteness cleanser, exfoliant and mask (awesome exfoliant and mattefier)

-Marykay Timewise Firming Eye Cream (best eye cream I’ve come across, I also recommend Marykay Timewise Miracle Eye Cream)

-Arcona Men’s Clarity Aftershave Pads (PERFECT for subclinical acne and as a toner)

-Lush Eau Roma Water (very soothing, my favorite part of the whole routine)

-Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer (Sun screen as well as a great moisturizer for oily skin)

Morning Routine:

-Clarisonic with the Purity cleanser


-Aftershave pads 

-My skin is quite sensitive to the aftershave pads, so I sooth with the Eau Roma Water


-Makeup if I decide to wear it that day

Night Routine:

-Remove makeup with Purity cleanser

-Apply Total Matteness as a mask

-Clarisonic with the mask to exfoliate

-eye cream

-Aftershave pads

-Eau Roma Water


Hope that was helpful, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

melanymeow asked:
It kind of looks like Silent Hill!

I think since you both guessed Silent Hill, that’s probably what it is. Thank yooou!

alexofthefield asked:
Looks like Silent Hill I believe

oooh thanks!

Anonymous asked:
"Well who knew Troy could sing" Troy Baker is actually a musician and he has an album coming out soon

Well shoot, man, I had no idea haha. I don’t know much about him other than he’s a voice actor. I’ll have to look into that more.

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